We will update this post as we get more information about what you can do to resolve your booking if you were stranded by Jet Airways suspending it’s entire operation today.

Clients of Arete Travel Hub

If you made your booking through the team at Arete Travel Hub, rest assured, we are already working with you to explore your alternatives. If you have not already been contacted, please email us right away and we will ensure we do whatever we can to ensure your travels are not disrupted.

Non-Clients of Arete Travel Hub

There are two types of clients who have not booked through Arete Travel Hub, either you booked online, or you booked through another travel consultant, either online through sites like Expedia, or in person through your local travel agency.

1. Call your travel consultant (If you didn’t purchase the ticket through JetAirways.com)

Travel agents are supposed to be there for their customer. Your first step should be to reach out to your travel agent if they have not already reached out to you to look at all your options.

2. Stop Calling the Airline Beyond the First Time

Our first advice; only call the airline once and request a refund. If their call centers are still active, their staff have not been paid in months, and there are likely thousands of callers getting mad at the staff, when in reality, they are completely helpless. If you did purchase your ticket on Jet Airways, you can request for a refund over here. Note, processing times may vary.

A few months ago, all domestic airlines in India refused to carry Jet Airways passengers over non-payment of their flights, so hope to obtain a refund and look for alternate means to transport you to your final destination. If you are mid-way in your journey, you might be able to obtain a partial refund, however, depending on your ticket type, I wouldn’t expect much.

3. Travel Insurance

If you purchased travel insurance prior to today, the insurance company will likely re-imburse you for all non-refundable components of your trip. You should start your claim process immediately and ensure you keep all documentation. Depending on your policy, the insurance company might even re-imburse your new travel bookings because of the Jet Airways cancellation, but that depends on the purchased policy.

4. Paid by Credit Card – Free Travel Insurance?

Many credit cards today give you free travel insurance if you have purchased a ticket paying the full amount on their credit card. So, even if you did not explicitly purchase travel insurance, the credit card company might have their own policy that you could consider.

5. Paid by Credit Card – Chargeback

This depends how recently you purchased the ticket. For tickets purchased in the previous 1-3 months, it is possible you can initiate a chargeback for not providing the purchased services through the credit card company. Your liability will be removed immediately, and it is up to Jet Airways to prove that they will provide the service to you as the customer.

6. Other Airlines Helping Stranded Passengers

Air India has announced special travel deals for residents of India who are stranded overseas. You will need to personally go to the Air India ticketing office outside of India, demonstrate your stranded status, and Air India will sell you a deeply discounted ticket to return home safely.

7. Lesson Learnt

If none of theses options apply for you, then it’s unfortunate, but you have to move on from this operation. It is likely, less than 5% of travelers will be in this situation, however, in the future, considering purchasing travel insurance to insure against externalities such as these.

That being said, Jet Airways used to be affiliated with IATA, and they do hold a security deposit for circumstances like these. It might still be possible, after going through all your avenues, a refund might be coming, however, I would not count on it.


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