United has just reported that flights to Delhi have now been suspended till June due to the Pakistani air closure. Here is what you can do to resolve your flight issues:

1. Arete Travel Hub Client

Sit back, relax and enjoy your day while we work hard in identifying the most optimal route to your destination collaborating with you to explore alternatives.

2. If you booked through any other source except directly through the airline

Please reach out to your travel consultant to identify opportunities. You can use this guide to understand all the options that exist for you.

Understanding United’s Partner Network: Air Canada

Air Canada continues to operate two non-stop flights between Canada and Delhi, departing via Vancouver or Toronto. Note, the flight from Delhi to Toronto continues to have a stop. In the recent past, this was via Vancouver.

If you were originally departing from either Toronto or Vancouver, this would be the ideal option, allowing you to change your one-stop flight to a non-stop flight at no further cost to you.

If you were originally departing from Newark, then this would require adding another stop in Toronto, however, finding an alternate non-stop flight (see Air India) would be nearly impossible unless you hold frequent flyer status with United.

If you were originally departing elsewhere in North America, there might still be an option to maintain your one-stop journey to Delhi, by connecting directly in Vancouver or Toronto.

Either way, Air Canada is considered superior to United, so even though some passengers might encounter an additional connection, we suspect for the vast majority of customers, this might be a benefit in disguise.

United has quite an extensive partner network between North America and India.

Understanding United’s Partner Network: Lufthansa & Swiss

Both Lufthansa and Swiss fly to Delhi/Mumbai from their respective hubs; Munich, Zurich & Frankfurt. Lufthansa has the added potential of also flying to Chennai and Bangalore.

If you were originally departing from Newark, then these one stop options are arguably your next best option. Flying with an European airline provide you with a greater level of service, that could have only been imagined on United. We would argue that Swiss is a more premium airline than Lufthansa, so if given an option, definitely choose Swiss Airlines.

If you were originally arriving in Chennai or Bangalore, then Lufthansa provides the best option helping you reduce a connection in Delhi.

If you were originally departing from Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Washington DC, Toronto, or Montreal, then these options would be a great advantage, allowing you to maintain your one-stop journey between your origin and final destination.

Understanding United’s Partner Network: Air India, Singapore Airlines, ANA, Ethiopian Airlines, Asiana, EVA

Note, you should only try this alternative if all the other flights are sold out, or you hold elite status with the airline that booked your ticket.

A combination of these airlines can be used to fly between North America and India, providing essentially a very large number of permutations. The best alternative might be the non-stop flight on Air India which continues to fly to Delhi, albeit it is weight restricted for Economy Class passengers.


Are you stranded because of this suspension? You can reach out to our advisors at Arete Travel Hub to help resolve your schedule at a special price of only US$50 or C$50 / ticket.