All the European Airlines typically have premium cabin sales when there are a minimum of two passengers traveling together.

In this sale, we have Lufthansa and Swiss offering incredibly amazing value for their Business Class cabin when traveling to various destinations across South America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region.

All prices listed below are the total price for 2 adults including all taxes and fees.


Price (SEK)

Bagota 35,999
Bali 36,999
Bangkok 27,999
Beijing 28,999
Buenos Aires 37,999
Capteown 33,999
Colombo 31,999
Dar es Salaam 31,999
Delhi 27,999
Dubai 19,999
Havana 32,999
Ho Chi Minh City 35,199
Hong Kong 29,999
Johannesburg 33,999
Krabi 34,599
Manila 36,999
Mumbai 27,999
Nairobi 31,999
Phuket 34,599
Punta Cana 32,999
Rio De Janeiro/td> 33,999
Sao Paulo 33,999
Seoul 31,999
Shanghai 28,999
Singapore 28,999
Tel Aviv 8,599

Note: Lufthansa and Swiss do not have direct flights available to all destinations. Some flights may involve a connection with their partner airlines.