It is important to recognize a simple fact for three of the bigger airlines in Europe; Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air and Lufthansa are all one airline. They might operate as separate entities, but they have a profit neutral relationship, that is, they do not distinguish a passenger traveling between these airlines.

Why is that Important?

Well, in the recent promotion, Lufthansa and Swiss both had incredible deals for passengers flying in Business or First Class, and the reality is, even though Lufthansa might offer a deal, that same deal is also available if you book through Swiss or Austrian Airlines.

More importantly for you, it is important to recognize that despite the airlines sharing the same owner, there are pros and cons of each airline.

Swiss vs Lufthansa First Class

Swiss First Class is the more exclusive First Class than Lufthansa, providing a higher quality of service and offered on far more destinations. When traveling on First Class, you should always prefer traveling on Swiss, unless either of the following conditions apply:

  1. You are connecting from a destination outside the E.U. to a destination outside the E.U.
  2. Shorter traveling time with Lufthansa

If you are connecting on Swiss First Class, between two destinations outside the E.U., Swiss does not offer their First Class Lounge to their First Class Customers. Instead, they get access to the Senator Lounge, which is their lounge for their frequent flyers.

If Swiss First Class is materially longer than Lufthansa First Class, then you should definitely fly Lufthansa First Class. It’s not as good as Swiss First Class, however, it is not significantly better to warrant a longer traveling time.

Lastly, typically Swiss First Class is available more widely than Lufthansa Business Class, so in many cases, you might not even have an option but to travel on Swiss First Class.

Swiss vs Lufthansa Business Class

This is where things get a bit easier. Lufthansa Business Class is incredibly good if you are traveling and want to be seated next to a companion. For that, Lufthansa Business Class is undoubtedly the better of the two products. Otherwise, Swiss Business Class offers a better product, however it is an extremely bad product when traveling with a companion.