Airlines are often excellent at spinning rather mediocre products as the best thing to have ever existed for the customer. Premium Economy is one such example where we get multiple requests without customers understanding all the differences.

Extra Legroom Seating

Some airlines claim extra legroom seating is just another variation of Premium Economy Class. That is nothing but a massive lie by marketing departments, it is actually just a regular economy class seat but has extra legroom associated with it. In some situations it might be at the front of the cabin with a few inches of extra legroom, and in other cases it might be just another name for bulkhead and emergency exit seating.

The pricing of these seats typically start at just a few dollars for short flights and can go up to hundreds of dollars for the longest flights. Airlines also typically give these seats for free to their frequent flyers.

Business Class Lite

This is a hidden product which airlines fail to market appropriately, and is a perfect example of how an excellent product can be lost in the midst of poor and mediocre products.

There are some products which quite frankly try and replicate a business class service while being seated in Economy Class. China Airlines and Qantas are perfect examples of providing business class service offerings with a premium economy class seat.

Example additional services include:

  • Priority Baggage Handling
  • Priority Boarding
  • Dedicated Lavatories
  • Curtains to Separate the Cabins
  • Premium Meal Service
  • Priority Check-in Lanes

Although not all services might be offered in the product, many of these services will distinguish a Business Class Lite product vs a Premium Economy Class product.

EVA Airlines and China Airlines are excellent examples offering most of these services and genuinely treating their Premium Economy Class customers better than some airlines treat their Business Class customers.

Premium Economy

This is the cabin most of our customers expect to receive. Economy Class service with a bit more legroom and a bigger seat.

Economy Special

Jet Airways, a now defunct airline was the biggest perpetrator of this scam. Customers would routinely let us know that an airline is offering Premium Economy Class on an airline or airplane we know doesn’t exist. Rather, its just an Economy Class booking, with reduced change fees or cancellation fees. Many times, this class of service wouldn’t even provide complimentary extra legroom seats.