Star Alliance Sale

How to leverage the sale

Avianca is an airline incorporated in Brazil and has a frequent flyer program designed to enable you to purchase miles with the sole purpose of redeeming them for award travel across the entire Star Alliance network. That includes flights on Eva Air, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Lufthansa, Swiss and many others.

Sample Pricing

Sale Price

Flight Origin Flight Destination Economy Class (US$) Business Class (US$) First Class (US$)
Washington Beijing N/A 1,822.50 2,187.00
New York Beijing N/A N/A 2,187.00
Paris Taipei N/A 1,822.50 N/A
London Taipei N/A 1,822.50 N/A
Vancouver Beijing N/A 1,822.50 N/A
Vancouver Taipei 850.50 1,822.50 N/A
Toronto Shanghai N/A 1,822.50 N/A
Amsterdam Taipei N/A 1,728.00 N/A
Houston Taipei N/A 1,728.00 N/A
Vienna Taipei N/A 1,728.00 N/A
Chicago Taipei N/A 1,728.00 N/A
Seattle Taipei 850.50 1,728.00 N/A
Los Angeles Taipei 891.00 1,728.00 N/A
Los Angeles Shanghai N/A 1,728.00 N/A
Los Angeles Seoul 850.50 1,728.00 N/A
Los Angeles Hong Kong 877.50 1,728.00 N/A
San Francisco Hong Kong 850.50 1,728.00 N/A
San Francisco Taipei N/A 1,822.50 N/A
Bangkok Seoul N/A 675.00 N/A
Hong Kong Seoul 256.50 526.50 N/A
Hong Kong Beijing 310.50 526.50 N/A
Hong Kong Singapore N/A 874.80 N/A
Hong Kong Taipei 189.00 351.00 N/A
Tokyo Beijing 270.00 526.50 N/A
Tokyo Shanghai N/A 972.00 N/A
Osaka Shanghai 216.00 526.50 N/A
Tokyo Singapore 418.50 837.00 N/A
Beijing Taipei 351.00 526.50 N/A
Shanghai Taipei 189.00 351.00 N/A

* Prices do not include taxes and fees

What you should know

  • You must have been an Avianca LifeMiles member before the promotion started
  • Award availability might change after purchasing miles

How does Arete Travel Hub Help?

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Want to do it without our help?

  1. Check award availability on
  2. Purchase the miles, and redeem your ticket.


This excellent award sale can be a great asset for deeply discounted Business & First Class tickets. Often times, we also discover that during peak travel periods such as Christmas, even Economy Class bookings can provide an excellent value!