We will update this post as we get more information about what you can do to resolve your booking if you were stranded by the Lufthansa Cabin Crew strike.

Clients of Arete Travel Hub

If you made your booking through the team at Arete Travel Hub, rest assured, we are already working with you to explore your alternatives.

Non-Clients of Arete Travel Hub

There are two types of clients who have not booked through Arete Travel Hub, either you booked online, or you booked through another travel consultant, either online through sites like Expedia, or in person through your local travel agency.

1. Call your travel consultant (If you didn’t purchase the ticket through Lufthansa / Swiss / Austrian)

Travel agents are supposed to be there for their customer. Your first step should be to reach out to your travel agent if they have not already reached out to you to look at all your options.

2. Call Lufthansa

Lufthansa is incredibly closely aligned with Swiss and Austrian Airlines, so if you had a connecting flight and your journey was not a domestic journey in Germany, it is highly likely that Lufthansa will be able to re-accommodate you on their partner airline flights.

3. Travel Insurance

If you purchased travel insurance prior to today, the insurance company will likely re-imburse you for all non-refundable components of your trip. You should start your claim process immediately and ensure you keep all documentation. Depending on your policy, the insurance company might even re-imburse your new travel bookings because of the British Airways strike, but that depends on the purchased policy.

4. Paid by Credit Card – Free Travel Insurance?

Many credit cards today give you free travel insurance if you have purchased a ticket paying the full amount on their credit card. So, even if you did not explicitly purchase travel insurance, the credit card company might have their own policy that you could consider.

5. Request Lufthansa to Protect You

Lufthansa has partnerships with hundreds of airlines across the world. Once you have reached a Lufthansa Associate, ask them to protect you on another flight with any airline that services your route. You do not have to be limited by the Star Alliance partnership or their Joint Revenue airline partners, instead, in most cases, as long as the airline is not a Low Cost Carrier, Lufthansa should be able to get you on your way home.

If you are finding the call center to be overloaded, we would recommend reaching out to a foreign country call center where agents might be significantly less busier.

6. EU 261 Insurance Claim

If the first four options do not apply to you, this option definitely will:

All Lufthansa customers are regulated by EU 261. Do not forget to claim your cash compensation, up to 600 Euros per passenger and the following expenses in addition to the cash compensation:

  • Meals and refreshments in proportion to the waiting time
  • Two telephone calls, fax or telex messages, or emails
  • Hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and the hotel, if a stay of one or more nights, or a stay additional to that intended by the passenger becomes necessary

7. Lesson Learnt

The customers who were least impacted by this scenario were those who purchased travel insurance. You might want to be more careful in the future.


Keep in mind, Lufthansa is pro-actively allowing you to do complimentary changes online, or convert your air travel to a train travel tickets. If you are looking at EU261 regulations, be careful how you accept those alternatives, and ensure you demonstrate Lufthansa put you on those flights causing delays to maximize any compensation you would have been provided through the regulators.


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