Car Rental Sale

How to leverage the sale

Thrifty is having an excellent sale for car rentals, where for every rental, you get one complimentary day. The most amazing part of the deal is, your rental can be in any car class, even Economy sized cars, and when you redeem them for the free day, they can be as large as a full size vehicle!


Car Rental Price

You can rent a car from a place in Canada for just C$30.34.

Once you complete the rental, you will be given enough points to redeem them for a rental like this:

Other Arbitrage Opportunity

  • If anyone is going on vacation soon, knowing that the car rentals in their vacation is more than car rentals at home, then this is a great opportunity to save a lot of money. In the example above, you could possibly save over C$100 by leveraging this promotion smartly.
  • There are some markets, where the daily rate is low in the winters and excessively high in the summers, like Vancouver or Seattle. For those markets, this would be an excellent opportunity to rent the car now if you know you will be using the car in the summer.


  • Check full promotion details over here:
  • Major caveat is that you are only allowed a maximum of 5 free day certificates

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As of now, we do not provide support for car rentals exclusively.


This is an excellent promotion for anyone who recognizes an opportunity of arbitrage by pre-purchasing car rental credits at an incredibly low rate for use in 2020!