This is a travel advisory for customers when choosing to travel with Vistara. Vistara has been an incredibly great airline, striving to even beat the quality provided by Singapore Airlines. However, when Jet Airways collpased, Vistara acquired multiple airplanes from Jet Airways. That in itself is never a bad thing, airlines acquire airplanes from their competitors all the time, however, what was different in this scenario was, that Vistara did not change the interiors of the Jet Airways aircraft to align the product offering of Vistara.

It’s important to understand, even though Jet Airways claimed to be a premium airline, competing against the likes of the very best in the world, towards the end of their lifecycle, their product offering kept on deteriorating to a point that the airline was actually no better than any other low cost carrier with some larger seats up front. We had customers routinely avoid traveling on Jet Airways flights, not due to the financial constraints they were in, rather they did not feel the quality of the airline reflected the price premium they tried to charge.

When Vistara acquired the airplanes from Jet Airways, they never updated their interiors to reflect the tagline, fly the new feeling.

It is our recommendation to pay close attention to the airplane you are traveling on if you have a choice. If the aircraft has a premium economy cabin, you are flying on a Vistara aircraft. If the aircraft does not, then you are flying on a Jet Airways aircraft. Another way to distinguish the two is to know if you are flying on a Boeing or Airbus. All Boeing aircraft are ex Jet Airways, and Airbus aircraft are Vistara flights.


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